Better File Download

A digital media download management plugin for WordPress

Better File Download Plugin for WordPress

Better File Download is a digital media download manager for WordPress designed to allow you to offer digital media files for download from your website or blog.

The plugin allows you to quickly create downloads and display them within your pages or posts. Downloads may be assigned to categories to allow you to to display your downloads in a grouping such as monthly, yearly or tracks in an album, just create your category and assign the appropriate downloads to it and then use the shortcode, easy as pie!

Better File Download allows you to display your downloads either as a link or in a styled block. It also allows you to very simply make basic styling adjustments using colour pickers to format the display of your downloads such as background colours, font colours, icon colours & hover event colours so that it fits in nicely with the style of your site. Additionally, using a simple check box you can remove the default CSS and using the included CSS reference guide, style it yourself to suit your own personal taste. The reference guide can also be used to tweak the default CSS if you only want to make a few changes.

Better File Download supports featured images when using the default box format, the image will be displayed along with the download link and button in the event that you would like to attach an image to your download, whether its an album cover or a company logo, a photo of the author or whatever you like. Simply add a featured image when you are creating the download and you’re good to go!

A screen shot of the Better File Download plugin in action

Better File Download Features

Quickly and easily create downloads.

Easily create categories of downloads.

Custom post type and taxonomy, adding a download is as simple as creating a post.

Responsive design.

Documentation included in the plugin menu .

Custom downloads search feature with instant results returned by AJAX.

Out of the box support for all file types permitted by a default WordPress install plus the file types listed below.

Optionally allow .mts | .vob | .ai | .eps | .aep | .dwt | .indd | .csv | .xml | .svg | .rar | .gzip | .gz | .iso | .img | .ttf | .woff | .azw | .epub | .mobi files to be uploaded and displayed with a dedicated icon.

Allows you to choose whether to use the default styling or go it alone with the included CSS reference guide.

Optionally include downloads in the archives and sidebar archives widget for your site.

Optionally display associated data such as the file size, published date and the download count.

Easily insert either individual or categories of downloads in to your posts or pages using a simple shortcode.

Shortcodes displayed for each download or category upon creation as well as in the downloads and categories list tables

SVG icons that look super crisp at any resolution and are super light weight helping your pages to load faster.

Display downloads in either a simple link or styled box format.

Easy to use styling override options to allow you to change the default colour scheme without having to write a single line of code.

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